Applying virtual reality to event world


Years ago no one could have imagined how far technology could go. Nowadays, living new experiences thanks to virtual reality is part of our common life. The technological kernel behind virtual reality lies in the interpretation of the world through a 100% digital universe where the user may not only enter, but participate in different actions.

In the context of the MICE industry, virtual reality has proved to maximize user’s engagement up to a 20%. Virtual reality allows the audience to interact with a specific brand or event, generating one of the newest digital happenings humans may experience. This technology allows them to approach the event through all their senses, therefore feeling much more involved in the event thanks to this new way of interaction.

Virtual reality is also the perfect tool to attain the covetable WOW effect attendees usually look for. Surprising our audience guarantees their sharing of the event on social media, therefore allowing our content to go viral.

Virtual reality is a powerful, fresh tool. But, how can event planner planners apply this technology in a specific event? The fact is that there are numberless possibilities. A brand-new world awaits thanks to this particular technology, and this reality can be designed according to our goals and interests.

The context of team building activities is a privileged field of application in this sense. In this case, the latest technology is applied under a ludic format in which event guests may participate in different entertainments such as basketball, archery, or even transform the venue in a huge canvas for 3D drawing.

Virtual reality is particularly convenient in reveals or presentations when the product itself cannot be present in the event. Or we can introduce our audience to a new location only through virtual recreation. Headsets and glasses will transport our guests to any place and feel completely immersed in this new space.

The tendency shows that this technology will eventually change our concept of event forever, to the point of allowing user to virtually attend any MICE activity.

Be that as it may, the truth is that nothing compares to the thrill of putting on the virtual reality headset and enter new and exciting world, and giving your audience the chance to feel a unique experience they will recall forever.


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