Michela Salatino speaks about creativity and technique

Michela Salatino

Michela Salatino, from our office in Italy, speaks about the skills of the event planner. In words of Michela, “working in this industry is like dreaming of something that, though ephemeral, leaves behind a precious, memorable experience.”

What does it implies to belong to such an international group, leader in the field of event planning and management?

It implies a total balance among challenge and security. A challenge in the sense that every day I endeavor to go a step forward; to gain more knowledge and expertise while overcoming my own limits. Every day I try to examine all what I have learned in order to be conscious of all that remains to be learned, and at the same time I feel secure working with such a professional team, surrounded by the very best projects, and a superb growth prospect.

What will you say is our company’s vision towards the international market?

Three years ago we started our branch in Italy. Since then we have organized all kinds of events within DMC projects all over Italy, for international clients.

In any case, out growing aim does not end here. We continue to make bigger our global enterprise, constantly planning our future.

Within the industry of events… what element attracts you the most?

When people ask me why I work in the event industry, I always answer them that it has something to do with character. Working in event world requires of a series of attitudes. It is very complicated to learn this profession if you do not love it deeply.

The good event planner is willing to listen, to understand what clients want, what their interests are, even when they ask for something else or when they do not know what they exactly may need.

Working in this industry is like dreaming on something that, though ephemeral, leaves behind a precious, memorable experience. It is sharing, caring, discovering… but it is also a matter of precision, of careful planning. Event management demands a balance among creativity and technique, and a team work that needs of both. And that is precisely the reason why I love this work.

What features would you highlight about the account manager’s profile? Which skills would you say are essential?

Everything mentioned before: being a good listener, and having empathy and curiosity, fostering cooperation… But, above all, it is crucial to cultivate modesty; without it, nothing else matters.

Do you think that methodology, the contact with clients or suppliers may differ from one country to another?

Indeed we could open a never-ending debate on global economy, culture and society. Each country is of course different, as there are differences among the various areas within the same country.

Our main asset is our ability to adapt ourselves to any possible context. Making the best of every project and situation, and providing the perfect results for our clients, no matter if they are located in Morocco, Spain, Italy, Portugal, or any other place of the world.




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