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From briefing to final outcome: the event management process

From briefing to final outcome: the event management process - Eventisimo

Organizing an event implies a complex process which must be careful planning. Right from the moment an agency receives a client request and up to the moment post event appraisal takes place, there is a long process that always involves creativity.

Event management could be summarized in three big stages:

  1. Planning
  2. Development
  3. Evaluation of results

Within the first stage, initial planning, we have to determine both target audience and the goals of the event. Generally, these concepts will be included in the client’s briefing, right from the very first contact meeting.

Prior to this first interview with the client, the agency will appoint an expert team member as project coordinator. This person responsible will bring both expertise and coherence to the whole event management.

Once the objectives and the guests’ profile have been established, it is time to adjust the budget. This quotation must include crucial concepts such as venue, technical equipment, printed materials, hotels and transfers, catering, hosts…

The following step will lead to the event management, which will involve all the departments in charge of the different aspects of the event.

The account manager, from the DMC department, will find the most adequate venue to number of attendees and goal. This person or team will also organize other aspects such as accommodation, transport, leisure activities, restaurant bookings or catering services.

Creatives from the Design department will cover aspects such as the creation of a corporate image for the whole event, decoration, contents… These ideas and models will engage other departments such as production (metal/wood work, audiovisuals, decorators, graphic designers…).

Creativity is a key element in order to make a difference. The creative process comprises all applications where graphic image is present: invitations, signage, posters, stage design, video, projections… All of them are pure attention-getter elements and speak for client and agency and their ability to success.

Sound and lighting, elements crucial in the event and dependent on production, will be carefully planned as well.

Communication and advertising will come into play to a greater or lesser degree when the event is not internal. The more important an event is, the more complex its communication campaign will be. Social media, traditional media, online, email marketing, public relations… Our corporate strategy will find its way.


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