“Clients want us to transform drawbacks in advantages”


Hannah Hagemann, our most international Senior Account Manager, speaks about global MICE clients, market needs, and latest event trends.

Hannah, describe the international client profile. In general terms, what are their requirements in event planning?

There is not a single international client archetype. Generally, they are challenging, quite organized, and they have their goals clear, but they need our help to avoid the cultural gap, and adapt their needs to both suppliers and destination. Many of our international clients are repeating experiences with us and we feel great of seeing them in different events.

Our clients need general support and specific logistic solutions. They need reinforcement and backup in the event production stages and coordination among the different suppliers involved in the event planning. Clients also need to trust the contact person, and this requires a fluent communication in their own language. Their goal is to overcome all obstacles and achieve perfection.

Clients need a proffesional figure who is able to transform drawbacks or obstacles into benefits and advantages, as their ultimate goal is to celebrate an event they can be really proud of.

Could you tell us something about logistic processes with suppliers?

Logistics management with suppliers is indeed a challenge, and it varies a lot from one event to another, as we are organizing large groups of professionals and it is important to listen to them and reach the proper understanding to be able to benefit from their expertise and reach the common goal together.

Thus, I could be said that suppliers are our mainstay. We depend on them for providing an excellent, round service that truly meets our client’s expectations.

Cultural differences: A handicap in event planning and management?

Indeed they are a handicap, but it is part of our work that both clients and suppliers may enhance their business views through these differences. In our sphere it is crucial to respect perspectives which are different from our own, while fostering this philosophy in every relationship we establish, so we take these differences towards a positive and fruitful context. Empathy is, therefore, very important.

International and national clients, require very different solutions?

I am specialized in the international market, but I would venture to say that both national and international clients share the same objective: holding the perfect event. Of course, from day to day, priorities are quite different, because they are culture-based. This fact will involve a different approach in each case.

Being either a methodical person, or someone more spontaneous, punctual or relaxed, well organized or more creative… every human trait adds a personal touch to the event.

Of all the events held so far, is there any you recall for a special reason? 

I would highlight a spectacular gala dinner, a thrilling motorcycle route across the mountains, an amazing day in a circuit, a breathtaking show full of light and sound… But I would rather keep a bit of each, as all our events convey moving experiences.

Events are very different from one another due to the innumerable aspects that make up event organization. For example, planning stages, suppliers’ quality, client’s expectations, budget, destination, venue, weather… it is impossible to name just one.

I feel lucky enough of doing my bit in a lot of events so far. For those to come in my accounting field, most from the car industry, I am truly excited, it is a field that has always enticed me. Basically, account managers should enjoy their work and analyze situations under the right perspective.

Some events could be recalled due to their magic, some others because they were a real challenge. But indeed I could write a book out of the experiences lived in this field.



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