Professional skills of a good event planner


María Colao

María Colao, Manager Director at Eventisimo Madrid, talks about the professional skills required by the event market nowadays in order to organize successful events.

Persevering in the search for innovation

Event planners should keep updated in latest technologies related to event industry. Thus, they could really offer their clients bespoke options that truly match their needs and requirements.

When we refer to innovation, we also mean latest trends in different fields: staging, design, production, etc. To be at the forefront is the only way of remaining competitive and strengthen our market-leading position.

Being steadfast, responsible, adroit

A good planner must know every detail about the event. This will ensure a quick response to last-minute eventualities, for example.

Knowing the difference between important and essential is what allow event planners to control all the event processes. MICE professionals must be one with participant suppliers regarding the current needs of the event. Also, the former must act as a link among suppliers, fostering the achievement of the common goals.

Mastering communication abilities

Communication is one of the most important elements within our skill competences. It facilitates the transmission of the client’s needs and helps to organize an event that meets their goals. The perfect event planner must be highly communicative.

Communication also embodies the responsibility of public speaking, good manners, sociability, and, above all this, of developing empathy with both the client and the attendees, plus all event participants.

Creating a positive attitude

Joy is contagious. A positive attitude when facing a new project will foster communication and hard work in all team members. This will result in an efficient, pleasant, and even merry work environment.

When obstacles get in our way, you should face them in a patient, savvier way. Event planners must be enthusiastic and keep smiling, showing a pride in a well done work.

Working as a team

In event planning we may find a large number of participants: production staff, designers, maintenance members… We should acknowledge the benefits of team working and master the keys to the perfect organization. Motivating all members, engaging them in the decision-making process and transmitting the needs of each project generate trust and confidence. Successful projects are always accomplished by teamwork.


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