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In a context of extreme competition and where standing out is the key to your success, companies must rely on creativity and innovation. This is one of the reasons for the increase of applications for the Guinness World Record (GWR), a 250% in the last few years, mostly coming from corporations.

The GWR is the ultimate international authority on the cataloguing and verification of world records, and their books are the world’s best-selling copyrighted books. Setting a Guinness Record will make your company to go down in history and obtain a long-term recognition.

We all love the thrill of being first, especially if this means to take the lead in something extraordinary. This is one of the reasons companies are joining this record trend and generate a greater impact on the media by setting any of these coveted records.

Eventisimo joins this trend designing and organizing original Guinness World Record activities for top brands such as Lidl or Altadis.

During an event organized for the supermarket chain and held at their store facilities in Alcalá de Henares, a group of 175 employees participated in a domino massive chain reaction set-up made of 1,232 Euro pallets which symbolized the total number of employees al Lidl logistics platforms. The British organization of Guinness World Records attended the event in order to verify and be able to grant the coveted recognition. But this was not our first contact with this time of challenges. Last year, Eventisimo was re-elected by the leader tobacco company in Spain to organize their annual convention. As part of their social agenda, Altadis employees participated in a team building activity that paid tribute to the host city, Valencia. All workers did their best to achieve a new record: squeezing 4 tons of orange fruit in just one hour.  This joined effort and fun resulted into 1,525 liters of fresh juice that were well worth the title.

Breaking a Guinness World Record may not be as hard as it seems, it just requires a little imagination and some investment. It is crucial to trust companies that offer expertise and creative solutions that design the best solution for your brand and, why not, your own record.

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